3000 Album dan Lagu Terbaik versi AcclaimedMusic.net

Lagi-lagi peringkat album dan lagu terbaik. Apa bedanya kali ini? situs acclaimedmusic.net merangkum semua peringkat album dan lagu terbaik dari berbagai sumber: media, pengamat musik, dan situs web. Seorang Swedia bernama Henrik Franzon merancang algoritma khusus untuk mengompilasi berbagai daftar peringka ini menjadi satu daftar yang berisi 3000 album dan lagu terbaik. Tentu saja, versi ini pun masih bisa dipertanyakan kesahihannya, namun tetap saja menarik untuk disimak mengingat metodologinya yang unik. Berikut ini daftar 200 album dan lagu terbaik versi situs Acclaimed Music per tanggal 29 November 2008 (selengkapnya silakan kunjungi situs ybs):

Album Terbaik

  1. “The Beach Boys”,”Pet Sounds”,1966
  2. “The Beatles”,”Revolver”,1966
  3. “Nirvana”,”Nevermind”,1991
  4. “The Velvet Underground & Nico”,”The Velvet Underground & Nico”,1967
  5. “The Beatles”,”Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”,1967
  6. “Marvin Gaye”,”What’s Going On”,1971
  7. “Bob Dylan”,”Blonde on Blonde”,1966
  8. “The Rolling Stones”,”Exile on Main St”,1972
  9. “The Clash”,”London Calling”,1979
  10. “Sex Pistols”,”Never Mind the Bollocks – Here’s the Sex Pistols”,1977
  11. “Bob Dylan”,”Highway 61 Revisited”,1965
  12. “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”,”Are You Experienced?”,1967
  13. “Radiohead”,”OK Computer”,1997
  14. “The Beatles”,”The Beatles (“”White Album””)”,1968
  15. “Van Morrison”,”Astral Weeks”,1968
  16. “David Bowie”,”The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”,1972
  17. “Public Enemy”,”It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”,1988
  18. “Bruce Springsteen”,”Born to Run”,1975
  19. “Patti Smith”,”Horses”,1975
  20. “Pink Floyd”,”The Dark Side of the Moon”,1973
  21. “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”,”Electric Ladyland”,1968
  22. “The Beatles”,”Abbey Road”,1969
  23. “Bob Dylan”,”Blood on the Tracks”,1975
  24. “The Doors”,”The Doors”,1967
  25. “Television”,”Marquee Moon”,1977
  26. “Prince”,”Sign ‘O’ the Times”,1987
  27. “The Smiths”,”The Queen Is Dead”,1986
  28. “Michael Jackson”,”Thriller”,1982
  29. “The Beatles”,”Rubber Soul”,1965
  30. “The Rolling Stones”,”Beggars Banquet”,1968
  31. “Massive Attack”,”Blue Lines”,1991
  32. “Led Zeppelin”,”Led Zeppelin IV”,1971
  33. “The Who”,”Who’s Next”,1971
  34. “Ramones”,”Ramones”,1976
  35. “Miles Davis”,”Kind of Blue”,1959
  36. “The Rolling Stones”,”Let It Bleed”,1969
  37. “Talking Heads”,”Remain in Light”,1980
  38. “U2″,”The Joshua Tree”,1987
  39. “James Brown”,”‘Live’ at the Apollo”,1963
  40. “Joy Division”,”Closer”,1980
  41. “Stevie Wonder”,”Innervisions”,1973
  42. “The Rolling Stones”,”Sticky Fingers”,1971
  43. “Stevie Wonder”,”Songs in the Key of Life”,1976
  44. “The Band”,”The Band”,1969
  45. “Neil Young”,”After the Gold Rush”,1970
  46. “Joni Mitchell”,”Blue”,1971
  47. “Love”,”Forever Changes”,1967
  48. “Sly and the Family Stone”,”There’s a Riot Goin’ On”,1971
  49. “Prince and The Revolution”,”Purple Rain”,1984
  50. “Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band”,”Trout Mask Replica”,1969
  51. “R.E.M.”,”Automatic for the People”,1992
  52. “The Stone Roses”,”The Stone Roses”,1989
  53. “The Clash”,”The Clash”,1977
  54. “Beck”,”Odelay”,1996
  55. “Arcade Fire”,”Funeral”,2004
  56. “The Strokes”,”Is This It”,2001
  57. “Fleetwood Mac”,”Rumours”,1977
  58. “Otis Redding”,”Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul”,1965
  59. “Pixies”,”Doolittle”,1989
  60. “Guns N’ Roses”,”Appetite for Destruction”,1987
  61. “Led Zeppelin”,”Led Zeppelin II”,1969
  62. “R.E.M.”,”Murmur”,1983
  63. “Carole King”,”Tapestry”,1971
  64. “David Bowie”,”Hunky Dory”,1971
  65. “John Coltrane”,”A Love Supreme”,1965
  66. “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band”,”John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band”,1970
  67. “Portishead”,”Dummy”,1994
  68. “Jeff Buckley”,”Grace”,1994
  69. “Joy Division”,”Unknown Pleasures”,1979
  70. “Bob Dylan”,”Bringing It All Back Home”,1965
  71. “Sonic Youth”,”Daydream Nation”,1988
  72. “Derek and The Dominos”,”Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs”,1970
  73. “Paul Simon”,”Graceland”,1986
  74. “De La Soul”,”3 Feet High and Rising”,1989
  75. “My Bloody Valentine”,”Loveless”,1991
  76. “Lou Reed”,”Transformer”,1972
  77. “Elvis Costello”,”This Year’s Model”,1978
  78. “Radiohead”,”Kid A”,2000
  79. “Aretha Franklin”,”I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You”,1967
  80. “The Band”,”Music from Big Pink”,1968
  81. “Primal Scream”,”Screamadelica”,1991
  82. “The Stooges”,”Fun House”,1970
  83. “The Jesus and Mary Chain”,”Psychocandy”,1985
  84. “DJ Shadow”,”Endtroducing…..”,1996
  85. “David Bowie”,”Low”,1977
  86. “Oasis”,”(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”,1995
  87. “U2″,”Achtung Baby”,1991
  88. “Kraftwerk”,”Trans-Europa Express”,1977
  89. “Radiohead”,”The Bends”,1995
  90. “Miles Davis”,”Bitches Brew”,1970
  91. “Iggy and The Stooges”,”Raw Power”,1973
  92. “Van Morrison”,”Moondance”,1970
  93. “John Lennon”,”Imagine”,1971
  94. “Pixies”,”Surfer Rosa”,1988
  95. “Pink Floyd”,”The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”,1967
  96. “Tom Waits”,”Swordfishtrombones”,1983
  97. “Neil Young”,”Harvest”,1972
  98. “Led Zeppelin”,”Physical Graffiti”,1975
  99. “AC/DC”,”Back in Black”,1980
  100. “Eagles”,”Hotel California”,1976
  101. “Dusty Springfield”,”Dusty in Memphis”,1969
  102. “Oasis”,”Definitely Maybe”,1994
  103. “Elvis Presley”,”Elvis Presley”,1956
  104. “Roxy Music”,”For Your Pleasure”,1973
  105. “Wilco”,”Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”,2002
  106. “The White Stripes”,”Elephant”,2003
  107. “Michael Jackson”,”Off the Wall”,1979
  108. “Led Zeppelin”,”Led Zeppelin”,1969
  109. “N.W.A”,”Straight Outta Compton”,1988
  110. “The Who”,”Tommy”,1969
  111. “Elvis Costello”,”My Aim Is True”,1977
  112. “Stevie Wonder”,”Talking Book”,1972
  113. “Bob Marley and The Wailers”,”Natty Dread”,1974
  114. “Bruce Springsteen”,”Darkness on the Edge of Town”,1978
  115. “Sufjan Stevens”,”Illinois”,2005
  116. “Tom Waits”,”Rain Dogs”,1985
  117. “Dr. Dre”,”The Chronic”,1992
  118. “Blondie”,”Parallel Lines”,1978
  119. “The Allman Brothers Band”,”At Fillmore East”,1971
  120. “Simon and Garfunkel”,”Bridge Over Troubled Water”,1970
  121. “Gram Parsons”,”Grievous Angel”,1974
  122. “The Rolling Stones”,”Aftermath”,1966
  123. “Beastie Boys”,”Paul’s Boutique”,1989
  124. “Bruce Springsteen”,”Nebraska”,1982
  125. “The Original Soundtrack”,”Saturday Night Fever”,1977
  126. “Aretha Franklin”,”Lady Soul”,1968
  127. “King Crimson”,”In the Court of the Crimson King”,1969
  128. “Neil Young & Crazy Horse”,”Rust Never Sleeps”,1979
  129. “Air”,”Moon Safari”,1998
  130. “Queen”,”A Night at the Opera”,1975
  131. “New York Dolls”,”New York Dolls”,1973
  132. “Elton John”,”Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”,1973
  133. “Pavement”,”Slanted and Enchanted”,1992
  134. “Public Enemy”,”Fear of a Black Planet”,1990
  135. “The Wailers”,”Catch a Fire”,1973
  136. “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”,”Axis: Bold as Love”,1967
  137. “Björk”,”Debut”,1993
  138. “Neil Young”,”Tonight’s the Night”,1975
  139. “Black Sabbath”,”Paranoid”,1970
  140. “The Flaming Lips”,”The Soft Bulletin”,1999
  141. “Curtis Mayfield”,”Superfly”,1972
  142. “Nirvana”,”In Utero”,1993
  143. “Pulp”,”Different Class”,1995
  144. “Pink Floyd”,”The Wall”,1979
  145. “T. Rex”,”Electric Warrior”,1971
  146. “Bruce Springsteen”,”Born in the U.S.A.”,1984
  147. “Gang of Four”,”Entertainment!”,1979
  148. “Nick Drake”,”Five Leaves Left”,1969
  149. “Joni Mitchell”,”Court and Spark”,1974
  150. “Pearl Jam”,”Ten”,1991
  151. “Tricky”,”Maxinquaye”,1995
  152. “Rod Stewart”,”Every Picture Tells a Story”,1971
  153. “Metallica”,”Master of Puppets”,1986
  154. “OutKast”,”Stankonia”,2000
  155. “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young”,”Déjà Vu”,1970
  156. “The Flying Burrito Bros”,”The Gilded Palace of Sin”,1969
  157. “Radiohead”,”In Rainbows”,2007
  158. “LCD Soundsystem”,”Sound of Silver”,2007
  159. “Blur”,”Parklife”,1994
  160. “Pretenders”,”Pretenders”,1980
  161. “Smashing Pumpkins”,”Siamese Dream”,1993
  162. “Sly and the Family Stone”,”Stand!”,1969
  163. “Cream”,”Disraeli Gears”,1967
  164. “Wu-Tang Clan”,”Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)”,1993
  165. “Lauryn Hill”,”The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”,1998
  166. “PJ Harvey”,”To Bring You My Love”,1995
  167. “The Byrds”,”Sweetheart of the Rodeo”,1968
  168. “The Velvet Underground”,”The Velvet Underground”,1969
  169. “Jefferson Airplane”,”Surrealistic Pillow”,1967
  170. “Leonard Cohen”,”Songs of Leonard Cohen”,1967
  171. “Pink Floyd”,”Wish You Were Here”,1975
  172. “Bob Dylan”,”The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”,1963
  173. “Janis Joplin”,”Pearl”,1971
  174. “Franz Ferdinand”,”Franz Ferdinand”,2004
  175. “The Beatles”,”A Hard Day’s Night”,1964
  176. “Neil Young with Crazy Horse”,”Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”,1969
  177. “Bob Marley and The Wailers”,”Exodus”,1977
  178. “Johnny Cash”,”At Folsom Prison”,1968
  179. “Run-D.M.C.”,”Raising Hell”,1986
  180. “Suicide”,”Suicide”,1977
  181. “The Stooges”,”The Stooges”,1969
  182. “The Velvet Underground”,”White Light/White Heat”,1968
  183. “Lou Reed”,”Berlin”,1973
  184. “The White Stripes”,”White Blood Cells”,2001
  185. “The Modern Lovers”,”The Modern Lovers”,1976
  186. “Robert Wyatt”,”Rock Bottom”,1974
  187. “Creedence Clearwater Revival”,”Cosmo’s Factory”,1970
  188. “The Kinks”,”The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society”,1968
  189. “Prince and The Revolution”,”1999″,1982
  190. “Marvin Gaye”,”Let’s Get It On”,1973
  191. “Eminem”,”The Marshall Mathers LP”,2000
  192. “Metallica”,”Metallica (“”The Black Album””)”,1991
  193. “The Specials”,”Specials”,1979
  194. “The Mothers of Invention”,”We’re Only in It for the Money”,1968
  195. “Santana”,”Abraxas”,1970
  196. “The Smiths”,”The Smiths”,1984
  197. “TV on the Radio”,”Return to Cookie Mountain”,2006
  198. “MC5″,”Kick Out the Jams”,1969
  199. “Roxy Music”,”Roxy Music”,1972
  200. “Frank Zappa”,”Hot Rats”,1969

Lagu Terbaik

  1. “Bob Dylan”,”Like a Rolling Stone”,1965
  2. “The Rolling Stones”,”(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”,1965
  3. “The Beach Boys”,”Good Vibrations”,1966
  4. “Nirvana”,”Smells Like Teen Spirit”,1991
  5. “Aretha Franklin”,”Respect”,1967
  6. “Chuck Berry”,”Johnny B. Goode”,1958
  7. “Otis Redding”,”Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”,1968
  8. “Marvin Gaye”,”I Heard It Through the Grapevine”,1968
  9. “Sex Pistols”,”Anarchy in the U.K.”,1976
  10. “Led Zeppelin”,”Stairway to Heaven”,1971
  11. “The Kingsmen”,”Louie Louie”,1963
  12. “The Who”,”My Generation”,1965
  13. “The Ronettes”,”Be My Baby”,1963
  14. “Elvis Presley”,”Heartbreak Hotel”,1956
  15. “Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five”,”The Message”,1982
  16. “Joy Division”,”Love Will Tear Us Apart”,1980
  17. “The Beatles”,”Strawberry Fields Forever”,1967
  18. “The Kinks”,”You Really Got Me”,1964
  19. “Marvin Gaye”,”What’s Going On”,1971
  20. “The Beatles”,”A Day in the Life”,1967
  21. “Sex Pistols”,”God Save the Queen”,1977
  22. “Ike and Tina Turner”,”River Deep Mountain High”,1966
  23. “The Beatles”,”I Want to Hold Your Hand”,1963
  24. “The Righteous Brothers”,”You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'”,1964
  25. “John Lennon”,”Imagine”,1971
  26. “Bruce Springsteen”,”Born to Run”,1975
  27. “Ray Charles”,”What’d I Say”,1959
  28. “Little Richard”,”Tutti Frutti”,1955
  29. “Michael Jackson”,”Billie Jean”,1982
  30. “The Clash”,”London Calling”,1979
  31. “The Byrds”,”Mr. Tambourine Man”,1965
  32. “The Jackson 5″,”I Want You Back”,1969
  33. “The Rolling Stones”,”Sympathy for the Devil”,1968
  34. “The Doors”,”Light My Fire”,1967
  35. “The Beatles”,”Hey Jude”,1968
  36. “The Four Tops”,”Reach Out (I’ll Be There)”,1966
  37. “Stevie Wonder”,”Superstition”,1972
  38. “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”,”Purple Haze”,1967
  39. “The Rolling Stones”,”Jumpin’ Jack Flash”,1968
  40. “Smokey Robinson and The Miracles”,”The Tracks of My Tears”,1965
  41. “The Crickets”,”That’ll Be the Day”,1957
  42. “R.E.M.”,”Losing My Religion”,1991
  43. “The Eagles”,”Hotel California”,1976
  44. “Prince and The Revolution”,”When Doves Cry”,1984
  45. “Gnarls Barkley”,”Crazy”,2006
  46. “Bill Haley and His Comets”,”(We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock”,1954
  47. “Derek and The Dominos”,”Layla”,1970
  48. “The Verve”,”Bitter Sweet Symphony”,1997
  49. “The Police”,”Every Breath You Take”,1983
  50. “Pulp”,”Common People”,1995
  51. “The Beach Boys”,”God Only Knows”,1966
  52. “OutKast”,”Hey Ya!”,2003
  53. “New Order”,”Blue Monday”,1983
  54. “Lou Reed”,”Walk on the Wild Side”,1972
  55. “Elvis Presley”,”Hound Dog”,1956
  56. “Creedence Clearwater Revival”,”Proud Mary”,1969
  57. “The Kinks”,”Waterloo Sunset”,1967
  58. “Martha and The Vandellas”,”Dancing in the Street”,1964
  59. “David Bowie”,”Heroes”,1977
  60. “Beck”,”Loser”,1993
  61. “The Animals”,”House of the Rising Sun”,1964
  62. “Massive Attack”,”Unfinished Sympathy”,1991
  63. “Al Green”,”Let’s Stay Together”,1971
  64. “Jerry Lee Lewis”,”Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”,1957
  65. “Elvis Presley”,”Suspicious Minds”,1969
  66. “Simon and Garfunkel”,”Bridge Over Troubled Water”,1970
  67. “Ben E. King”,”Stand by Me”,1961
  68. “Queen”,”Bohemian Rhapsody”,1975
  69. “Franz Ferdinand”,”Take Me Out”,2004
  70. “Missy Misdemeanor Elliott”,”Get Ur Freak On”,2001
  71. “Oasis”,”Live Forever”,1994
  72. “Elvis Presley”,”That’s All Right (Mama)”,1954
  73. “Percy Sledge”,”When a Man Loves a Woman”,1966
  74. “Chic”,”Good Times”,1979
  75. “Bob Marley and The Wailers”,”No Woman No Cry”,1974
  76. “Led Zeppelin”,”Whole Lotta Love”,1969
  77. “Del Shannon”,”Runaway”,1961
  78. “Carl Perkins”,”Blue Suede Shoes”,1956
  79. “Eddie Cochran”,”Summertime Blues”,1958
  80. “Public Enemy”,”Fight the Power”,1989
  81. “Chuck Berry”,”Maybellene”,1955
  82. “James Brown”,”Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”,1965
  83. “Elvis Presley”,”Mystery Train”,1955
  84. “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”,”All Along the Watchtower”,1968
  85. “Booker T. & The MG’s”,”Green Onions”,1962
  86. “Johnny Cash”,”I Walk the Line”,1956
  87. “Prince and The Revolution”,”Little Red Corvette”,1982
  88. “Run-D.M.C.”,”Walk This Way”,1986
  89. “Wilson Pickett”,”In the Midnight Hour”,1965
  90. “The Specials”,”Ghost Town”,1981
  91. “Guns N’ Roses”,”Sweet Child O’ Mine”,1987
  92. “Elvis Presley”,”Don’t Be Cruel”,1956
  93. “The Smiths”,”This Charming Man”,1983
  94. “U2″,”One”,1991
  95. “Sam Cooke”,”A Change Is Gonna Come”,1965
  96. “The Mamas and the Papas”,”California Dreamin'”,1965
  97. “Van Morrison”,”Brown Eyed Girl”,1967
  98. “Bee Gees”,”Stayin’ Alive”,1977
  99. “Buffalo Springfield”,”For What It’s Worth”,1967
  100. “Buddy Holly”,”Peggy Sue”,1957
  101. “The Shirelles”,”Will You Love Me Tomorrow”,1960
  102. “Sinéad O’Connor”,”Nothing Compares 2 U”,1990
  103. “The Beatles”,”She Loves You”,1963
  104. “David Bowie”,”Space Oddity”,1969
  105. “Beyoncé”,”Crazy in Love”,2003
  106. “The Temptations”,”My Girl”,1964
  107. “Rod Stewart”,”Maggie May”,1971
  108. “Oasis”,”Wonderwall”,1995
  109. “Dionne Warwick”,”Walk On By”,1964
  110. “T. Rex”,”Get It On (Bang a Gong)”,1971
  111. “Roy Orbison”,”Oh, Pretty Woman”,1964
  112. “Creedence Clearwater Revival”,”Fortunate Son”,1969
  113. “Underworld”,”Born Slippy”,1995
  114. “Billie Holiday”,”Strange Fruit”,1939
  115. “Them”,”Gloria”,1964
  116. “ABBA”,”Dancing Queen”,1976
  117. “Procol Harum”,”A Whiter Shade of Pale”,1967
  118. “Hank Williams”,”I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”,1949
  119. “Blur”,”Song 2″,1997
  120. “The Beatles”,”Yesterday”,1965
  121. “The Who”,”Won’t Get Fooled Again”,1971
  122. “The Rolling Stones”,”Honky Tonk Women”,1969
  123. “Talking Heads”,”Once in a Lifetime”,1980
  124. “The Byrds”,”Eight Miles High”,1966
  125. “Jerry Lee Lewis”,”Great Balls of Fire”,1957
  126. “Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps”,”Be Bop a Lula”,1956
  127. “Sly and the Family Stone”,”Family Affair”,1971
  128. “The Temptations”,”Papa Was a Rolling Stone”,1972
  129. “Prince”,”Sign ‘O’ the Times”,1987
  130. “The Rolling Stones”,”Gimme Shelter”,1969
  131. “Johnny Cash”,”Folsom Prison Blues”,1956
  132. “Radiohead”,”Creep”,1992
  133. “Roy Orbison”,”Only the Lonely”,1960
  134. “Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg”,”Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang”,1992
  135. “Bob Dylan”,”Subterranean Homesick Blues”,1965
  136. “James Brown”,”Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine”,1970
  137. “Prince and The Revolution”,”Kiss”,1986
  138. “Marvin Gaye”,”Sexual Healing”,1982
  139. “The Impressions”,”People Get Ready”,1965
  140. “The White Stripes”,”Seven Nation Army”,2003
  141. “David Bowie”,”Changes”,1971
  142. “The Supremes”,”Stop! In the Name of Love”,1965
  143. “The Everly Brothers”,”Bye Bye Love”,1957
  144. “The Clash”,”(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais”,1978
  145. “Ramones”,”Blitzkrieg Bop”,1976
  146. “Soft Cell”,”Tainted Love”,1981
  147. “Patsy Cline”,”Crazy”,1960
  148. “Donna Summer”,”I Feel Love”,1977
  149. “The Beach Boys”,”Don’t Worry Baby”,1964
  150. “The Velvet Underground”,”I’m Waiting for the Man”,1967
  151. “David Bowie”,”Ziggy Stardust”,1972
  152. “Ritchie Valens”,”La Bamba”,1958
  153. “The Stone Roses”,”Fools Gold”,1989
  154. “Big Joe Turner”,”Shake, Rattle and Roll”,1954
  155. “Roxy Music”,”Virginia Plain”,1972
  156. “The Rolling Stones”,”Brown Sugar”,1971
  157. “Fatboy Slim”,”The Rockafeller Skank”,1998
  158. “The Sugarhill Gang”,”Rapper’s Delight”,1979
  159. “The Prodigy”,”Firestarter”,1996
  160. “Public Enemy”,”Bring the Noise”,1987
  161. “Van Halen”,”Jump”,1984
  162. “The Teenagers feat.. Frankie Lymon”,”Why Do Fools Fall in Love”,1956
  163. “The Crystals”,”Da Doo Ron Ron”,1963
  164. “The Beatles”,”Help!”,1965
  165. “Woody Guthrie”,”This Land Is Your Land”,1947
  166. “Bruce Springsteen”,”Thunder Road”,1975
  167. “Jimmy Cliff”,”Many Rivers to Cross”,1969
  168. “The Troggs”,”Wild Thing”,1966
  169. “Missy Misdemeanor Elliott”,”Work It”,2002
  170. “The Breeders”,”Cannonball”,1993
  171. “The Beatles”,”In My Life”,1965
  172. “Madonna”,”Like a Virgin”,1984
  173. “Michael Jackson”,”Beat It”,1982
  174. “The Everly Brothers”,”All I Have to Do Is Dream”,1958
  175. “The Smiths”,”How Soon Is Now?”,1984
  176. “Kylie Minogue”,”Can’t Get You Out of My Head”,2001
  177. “Bo Diddley”,”Bo Diddley”,1955
  178. “Glen Campbell”,”Wichita Lineman”,1968
  179. “The Smiths”,”There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”,1986
  180. “The Beatles”,”Penny Lane”,1967
  181. “The Human League”,”Don’t You Want Me”,1981
  182. “Black Sabbath”,”Paranoid”,1970
  183. “Violent Femmes”,”Blister in the Sun”,1982
  184. “Bruce Springsteen”,”Born in the U.S.A.”,1984
  185. “Blur”,”Girls and Boys”,1994
  186. “The Lovin’ Spoonful”,”Summer in the City”,1966
  187. “The Velvet Underground”,”Heroin”,1967
  188. “Aretha Franklin”,”I Say a Little Prayer”,1968
  189. “Desmond Dekker”,”The Israelites”,1969
  190. “The Band”,”The Weight”,1968
  191. “Spencer Davis Group”,”Gimme Some Lovin'”,1966
  192. “Elvis Presley”,”Jailhouse Rock”,1957
  193. “Buzzcocks”,”Ever Fallen in Love?”,1978
  194. “Frankie Goes to Hollywood”,”Relax”,1983
  195. “The Rolling Stones”,”Paint It, Black”,1966
  196. “Kraftwerk”,”Autobahn”,1974
  197. “Deee-Lite”,”Groove Is in the Heart”,1990
  198. “LCD Soundsystem”,”All My Friends”,2007
  199. “Amy Winehouse”,”Rehab”,2006
  200. “Sam Cooke”,”You Send Me”,1957

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